Cheap Garage Floor Covering Options  

4Anyone who has a garage should do whatever it takes to make it more effective, durable, and functional. It is alright if you wish to leave your garage floor on bare cement. But still, you should really think about adding at least a cheap garage floor covering to make the floor last longer.


Once you have decided to cover your floor, you will soon find out that there are a lot of options when it comes to floor coverings for you garage. While some options are rather expensive, there are many options that are reasonably inexpensive. For the budget minded people, you should be able to find a functional garage floor covering that will perfectly fit your finances. Here are some good recommendations:


  1. Paint


Paint is the cheapest garage floor covering option on the market. Epoxy paints and latex paints are the two types of paints you will have to choose from if you choose this options. When it comes to comes to square footage installation value, painting your floor would cost the least out of all of the alternatives. Even if you have a garage the size of an Olympic size swimming pool, (in which case you would probably not be worried about the budget) you would only need 6 to 10 large cans of epoxy paint to cover the entire floor. If you wish to have a thicker layer of paint to add protection, you can always add more cans. The one downside that paint has, is that it can be difficult to apply. If you wish to go this route, you will first need to pressure wash your floor before applying any paint. Painting garage floors will take a full day, this is because paint takes time to dry.


  1. Mats as a Covering Option


You can use mats as an alternative to garage floor products. Mats are the second best options because they are very durable and easy to install. Mats can help reduce the instances of slips and falls by providing traction to your garage floor. Mats come in different types. Mats vary according to their materials, design, and price.


  1. Tiles


If you do not like either of the previous two options, tiles are a good choice for your garage. They make a couple of different tiles specifically for garage floors, these are metal tiles and peel-off tiles. Depending on your budget, purchase the tiles that best represent the look and feel you wish to give your garage.


These are just three of the cheapest options available to you when you are thinking about garage floor covering.


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